Suggestions for growing your market

Chuck Morris

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I see a Zello channel for Springfield is in place, but not active. Do you guys know who started it?
I am a CT resident and probably the thing that has helped myself and a group of local drivers the most is using the Zello app to help each other learn.
The channel I am on currently is CT UBER UNITED. This channel allows anyone to join. Stop on by and check it out.
It is a means of social activity too, if you are easily offended by goofing around, beware not usually PG or PC.
Using the channel we discuss being more profitable and help each other cover rides and suggestions on everything from where to eat , best car washes per area, where we pick up the most work,etc.etc.etc.
I worked as a chauffeur for 9 years before becoming a Uber driver last year, if anyone needs advice while going south to NYC I have a lot of expeiriance there.
I also get tips very often. I help teach others the techniques that work best FOR ME in doing this too.
If I can be of any help with anything, please reach out .


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Leveraging Facebook is another option. I utilize my local town Talks page and make a great business out of prearranged Uber rides.


I started up a Zello channel called Uber Western MA. We'll see if there are any drivers from the area willing to participate.