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Should uber define what constitutes each rating level... (for example rate 5 if ride was uneventful)

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I know u have ur people reading these posts so please listen up... after reading some of the stories in this forum I have come to the conclusion that the rating system merits some fine tuning..

I think a general guideline of what constitutes each level rating would be appropriate. So that people can rate in a more objective manner.

Another Uber Driver

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We had an Uber Operations Manager post an "Ask Me Anything" topic some time back. Several did ask her about edge-uh-mah-kaytinn' Uber users about the Rating System. Her reply was that Uber did not want to tell passengers how to rate. It was a cop-out, to be sure, but Uber, at least for now, has no intention of explaining its rating system to users.

jean marc

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what i can say to UBER is to make customer pay for the time and mileage if pick up is more than 2 miles away or 10 mn away and up,I would cancel those request