Stupid Uber map still shows Hollywood Freeway southbound Barham offramp as existing.

10:45pm Saturday night. Rider wanted to get from Valley Village to the Mulholland Dr. area above Hollywood. The Uber app directed me to take the Hollywood Freeway (101) southbound and exit at Barham Blvd, then to turn left onto Cahuenga and then right onto Mulholland.

The Barham exit has been eliminated for over half a year. I knew this in advance and exited at Lankershim. Had I not been familiar with the offramp not existing, I would've discovered it on the ride and be forced to exit at the next exit of Highland just when a Hollywood Bowl show was getting out, probably adding at least 20 minutes to the ride (likely much more) and resulting in a really pissed-off rider.

Heads-up. If the Uber app directs you to exit Barham from the Southbound Hollywood Freeway (101), ignore it and exit at Lankershim.