Stupid uber drivers


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tobthe uber driver in sea isle city by la costs ... That convenient indent and low curb along the sidewalk is called a driveway ... I know straddled across it it fits your car perfectly but you are blocking the entrance to a popular bar. Those 2 people who gave you dirty looks were my pax who decided to disembark in the middle of landis ave rather than wait for you to move. That beeping you heard was the jitney driver beeping at me thinking my plan was to just stop in the middle of the road though I don't know why he was upset. I might still be in the middle of the road with my blinker on waiting for you to leave holding him up even longer. If you're going to invade our area at least be smart


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These are the idiots that make the police dislike Uber. I had a little chat with one of these miscreants. He listened closely as the drool rolled down his chin.
Sorta like the guy with the beard in this vid?