Stupid Pax Complaint

Like many of you, I do Uber and Lyft; when one pings I turn off the other. Anywho, I had a Lyft ping to take some guy from a fairly busy area to the country. I had never been that way, so obviously I followed the map. Additionally, I've learned that pax usually speak up when they want me to drive a different way.
This guy sat in the front, and said 0 words the whole time. So imagine my surprise when a few minutes later I got the Lyft feedback email, and that cat said, "Comments to self, don't take unnecessarily long routes."
Hello?! Speak up, you walnut! I contacted Lyft, and the guy was great and took that off my record.


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Has happened to me and prolly most rideshare drivers. I now ask the pax on every ride, if you know a better way than the gps starts to take us, just let me know. You obviously know where you live better than I do. Pretty much eliminates that problem.