Strike AND buy stock

Will Uber's stock crater like Lyft's?

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  • My Stepford Driver chip is kicking in

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There is one really good cynical reason to strike, even if the Stepford Driver implant is kicking in and telling you to obey your masters and make that @@@@@@ Kalanick $8.7 Billion in the IPO.

The reason is that if you invested the pittance Uber gave you last month in the Morgan Stanley allocation instead of spending it on crack, then you may pay less for the stock if it is served up with a fat helping of labor unrest.

Those whey-faced inbred gnomes will set the launch price on the 8th and a strike will likely dampen the valuation enthusiasm.

Cheaper stock means the post launch ramp will be steeper and the pump-and-dump after a week all the more chuckleworthy.

So Racers...stop your engines!


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Stop crying in your beer and check out my other thread from April on how to short Uber and Lyft.