Streak and bonus cancelled on Ride 5!


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I was on a 5 ride streak bonus and I also had a $4 'next ride' bonus, which I drove halfway across town for (very slow morning). I was waiting for my 5th ride to complete the streak and also get this $4 bonus. Suddenly two message windows appeared at the same time, both saying they were a ride. I selected the top one (no time to read either one, I was driving). Next window pops up and says I lost the streak because I skipped a ride! I also lost the $4 bonus. Almost $30! I've contacted Lyft and all I've gotten is automated email responses... Has this happened to anyone else? Will Lyft make this good?


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They sent you 2 rides at once? One came in like a second faster than the other is what I'm picturing. If so, sounds like a scam not to pay bonuses. They are working it hard.