Strange week, but overall for the better...


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Tonight was unusual for a Saturday: Huge rider demand, and a constant surge (more than usual). I had many surges in a row, some overlapping. Tonight I hit 4 back-to-back at 2.5X or higher... the highlight was a 6.2X that started downtown and ended in Glen Oaks. Yeah, big boost for the night.

Friday I had a first, kicking a couple out of my car after the trip even started. I would say they were in their 60's, but were wearing tight Marilyn Manson t-shirts, and the F-bombs were flying from the one rider before the door was even shut. I waited 15 minutes on this couple, and they were hammered and belligerent before I even thought of swiping the trip, and they were just yelling and rude because they were blaming me for not recognizing my car, even though it stood out like a sour thumb. Cancel, do not charge rider. I could have no-showed them ten minutes before that, but I stuck it out with better assumptions. I was wrong.

Thursday: Made $80 in tips in one hour. I dropped a nice lady off at her home, short drive, $10 tip. Next instant ping was at the West-Glen area in WDM... goody. Turns out, surge! Even better, the guy left me a $40 tip. Next ping, back to West-Glen... What appeared to be the bar manager flagged me down on arrival, and asked if I would give this other guy a ride home. The rider was nuked... I hesitated, and the guy talking to me handed me $30 up-front, and asked me if it was still okay. I took the gamble. Turns out, the rider didn't puke, and I made $80 in tips in less than an hour. Also again on a surge ride. Total tips for the day were $114.

The night before, I did 20 trips... zero tips.

It is weird how extremes happen in this line of service. When it's hot, it's hot. When it's not, it's ice cold.