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Strange situation...any explanation?

Discussion in 'Minneapolis' started by SkipBarber, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. So this happened around 515 AM on Friday. I was at Holiday in Edina and about to grab some food and head home. I turned on passenher app and noticed every area was surging (particularly DT). I turned on driver app and was IMMEDIATELY pinged...2 minutes away. I accepted without thinking (although 2x downtown I knew it was 1.5 where I was) and proceeded to drive 1/4 mile to pax house. I noticed that it didn't have the 1.5x next to his name...WTF?? How did he get around this...while waiting a bit I opened up pax app and noticed it was now 2.1x where I was...**** what I do...now it goes up to 2.8...I say **** it and cancel ride and take off...got pinged immediately picked up pax a mile away and got a 2.8 ride to airport for 54 bucks...the best part is I got paid the 5 bucks...didnt realize I'd been there 5 minutes.

    Now here is the question...how did the original pax get around the surge? I have never taken an uber as passenger so I don't know the tricks...is it possible that he requested a ride when it wasn't surging and it took 15 minutes for someone (me) to accept? Or is there a scam involved?
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  2. Jvc21


    Many riders will pull you closer during a surge, then cancel when you get close only to call you again for regular fare when surge dies.

    I immediately cancel if it's the same PAX. Make that person wait for another ride that's farther away.
  3. You misunderstood, or I didn't explain well. He pinged me when it was surging, but somehow he got around surge. When I accepted, it had no surge indicator on waybill. I went to his place and then cancelled (because surge increased) so hopefully he did have to pat up, unless he has some trick
  4. It could've been bouncing around, getting canceled by other drivers..

    Unless you are at a surge zone border, that's probably it..

    Nothing surges south of 62..
  5. I think ur right, Goober. Could he have requested like 15 minutes earlier and it just stayed alive until someone grabbed it? And it was north of 62, and you are right I've never seen one south of 62...or west of 169.
  6. Yeah, fare multiples are locked in when you first select a car, for two minutes..
  7. Gotcha...guess it must've only been surging for a couple minutes
  8. Yeah, I don't think it could bounce around too long
  9. uberparadise


    He probably had his app set to let him know when fare was normal. You logged on surge went away. He got you as a driver and now surge is back for everyone else!!! Isn't that great?

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