Stopped Driving Dec 10th


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I took the holiday season off and did my first Uber anything today, which was an Uber Eats, earn at least $9, pickup was 1/2 mile.. after starting delivery phone service went crazy and Uber was frozen. I recently did the Verizon to Sprint change and regret it all around. So, I turned my phone off and just drove home without thinking twice. Midway through my free lunch, turned my phone back on, Uber came up unfrozen, delivery still active and I cancelled. Phone was off for like 40 minutes. Received a cancellation fee, too, which I guess Uber really wasn't Active after turning my phone back on.

Also, hit Diamond just to see if I could, but could carry less. Was doing the DiamondBlue dance with back and forth 10% cancel rate...anyway, I know cancellations drop off after 30 days, but uber just reset me and I'm Diamond again after 40+ days of inactivity..maybe just needed to perform an actual Ride or Delivery to get it to register.

Anyway, time away from Uber has been great..Feel great, lost 6 lbs, happier and all that. Probably done except for Special Events.

Good luck



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I’m diamond but there’s no way I’m gonna keep it after January 31st. I don’t drive enough to get all the points since I took about a month off same time you did. There’s not gonna be many special events for months so it gonna have to be anting hard to pay off the holiday bills.


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I'm done. Maybe I'll do just uber Eats and have a free meal now and then. Lol.