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With regard to the people who post threads such as "Please stop posting negative" and "For all the complainers..." and the like, I have this to say: stop telling me how to post. Stop complaining about complaining.

If you don't want to hear facts (or, as you like to call them, "complaining" or "negativity"), then go find an Uber propaganda page and brown nose there. The fact is, at less than $1/mile, there's really no way for you to be profitable. If you can prove me wrong with actual numbers, please do.

I will continue to post facts and opinions as I see fit until "they" (whoever they are) ban and block me from this site. I'm sure there are plenty of other long-term members who will do the same.

By the way, every time we see one of the above-mentioned stupid messages, I believe we should post an equal and opposite reaction.

LA Cabbie

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Folks, uber like Facebook, is all about big data. Uber was never meant to be profitable for its drivers.

Uber commits itself as a ride share enabler. This means that you give up some of your time and equity of your car mainly for a pay day advance.

Uber never positioned itself as a full time career. Those trying to make it as such, you cannot.


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But I'm a gas is my only expense driver, and I siphon that from parked cars. I just don't understand why anyone would complain about uber especially when, to uber, your just the other dude in the car. Also I believe they should lower rates whenever they want, wait for it..........because they can. Don't you just love being so respected by your partner.

I get all warm and fuzzy when I think about uber, or is that my blood boiling and the hair standing up on the back of my neck, I'm not sure.


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My first hour delivering chickens and waffles I drove 9 miles made $52 however I can provide proof that it's profitable but I would have to post a picture of my credit card statement with the total gas purchases the check up my car had and all the other little expensive and I can't do that I've made 4800 + and my expenses for almost six weeks is 1937 that is a profit of about 2900 I didn't break break out the cat caliper to measure the tread wear on my tires. No scratches or damages to the vehicle exterior or interior so far if I deduct the gas that I bought from the chicken and waffle money then my overall profit increases don't like my math too bad


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On the bottom line my bank account went down about $600 and my credit card debt went down from Owing 12000 + to 8000 + this is the only way I'm judging this venture right now got to go chicken and waffles need a ride


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...got to go chicken and waffles need a ride
The upside is,

When your heads blow,
You'll have chicken and waffles for the tow truck driver.

Yes, part of the Uber allure is meeting new and interesting people.

Uber-on, Professor profit.

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