Stop messing up short trip protection at airports, what sort of nonsense...

The Entomologist

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Are you trying to ruin a start of something that may work for the betterment of the queuing system?

I don't know if this is a problem related to android phones (although it shouldn't be since your ticket system is server based), how can short trip protection work at random or once per day? It boggles the mind and defeats the purpose of the design, while you did good by protecting up to 10 miles (my test) and sequential 6 miles and 8 miles, at some point later on during the day I got another short trip and no ticket, wtf? If the ticket system is meant to be used once per day, you might as well not bother and if it's a bug that keeps the tickets from working, it needs to be fixed.

Another thing, the short trip message isn't showing on android while it shows on Iphone (according to a friend, haven't tested it), make sure your android built is at par with your IOS build, don't ruin what could be the solution to short trips at the airport, and yes I am aware this would never work on SUV, XL and lux, those three could use a once per day ticket, X has a large volume of short trips, the ticketing should be infinite until a trip that gets past the threshold is taken and finished, it shouldn't be timed either because people will rush back to the airport and get into accidents or stop taking requests in the streets to return as quickly as possible.

IF the ticket system has a once per day use, you just created a new game in your app, you don't want people to game, you design for the driver to become as much of a drone as he/she can be, barriers and limits create design games, doncha know?


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Ticket? What ticket? You talking about the possibility to return to the queue in a higher position after a short trip?


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I hate short airport rides. And the only time I "go the front of the que" is when there is no one else in the que! I got a ping while in the airport que for a pick up not at rideshare location but the hotel by the airport which is actually inside the airport entrance. I called the pax to ask if they were at rideshare. They were at the hotel . Then I asked where they were going and she said a few blocks. I told her I was in the airport que, should not have rec'd the ride, and was cancelling so she wouldn't get the $5 fee. I'm not buying into this crap. Sit for 30 minutes waiting on airport ride and Lyft tries to squeeze in a $3.00 ride?