Stop Letting Friends Go With You When You Drive


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Cincinnati Uber Drivers:

I've heard from several passengers that other drivers are allowing friends or family (I don't know for sure) to ride with them when they are working as an Uber driver.

My suggestion - stop it now...

Uber is conducting mystery shops in Cincinnati (I have received a legitimate email from a company I work for to perform an official mystery shop for Uber) and secret shoppers are reviewing Cincinnati drivers this month.

So if you are letting people ride with you, smoke weed or drink while you work, providing bad service or generally not following Uber rules - Uber is looking to get rid of you starting September 2017.

Just a suggestion...take it for what it's worth.

sirius black

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Maybe leave your kids at home, too. Had a pax tell me they got picked up by a woman who had two children riding in the back, one in a booster seat, the other in a car seat, and here's the pax sitting in the back w/ them. SMH....