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Stolen car


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Drunken Uber rider steals car after fighting with driver
Police search for passenger who drove away in Volkswagen Jetta
By Peter Burke - Local10.com Managing Editor
Posted: 9:16 AM, October 09, 2018Updated: 9:16 AM, October 09, 2018
An Uber driver had his car stolen Tuesday morning during an altercation with a drunken passenger, police said.

The incident occurred about 6 a.m. nearNorth Miami Avenue and 36th Street.

Miami police said the driver picked up an intoxicated rider in North Miami and then picked up another rider. Along the way, the drunken passenger began arguing with the driver and the other passenger.

Police said the driver pulled over in a parking lot, and the driver and drunken passenger got out of the car and started fighting. The passenger ran away and the driver ran after him, but the passenger circled the block and got back in the car, driving away.

The other passenger was already out of the car when it was stolen.

Police are still searching for the rider and the gray Volkswagen Jetta.


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Another reason not to do Pool. Especially at night. One party is bad enough but two or more makes it much more of a risk. You never know how those parties will interact.


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How much do you want to bet the "argument" started over one of the following...

1. For picking up another rider
2. For not going in a straight line to their destination
3. For being unwilling to make an extra stop for drunk guy
4. for going to the second passengers destination first

Say no to pool...
I'm going with #1.
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