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Sting near PSU


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Last night I got a ping near the Cheerful Tortious.

As I pull up I see 5 people. I immediate lock my doors and ask how many were planning on getting in? All of us they say.

As they reach for the door and realize it's locked I tell them I can't take more than 4 people and they would need to either cancel and order XL or have someone order a second uber as I'm not taking 5.

2 of the hot chick's both tried sweet talking me and a guy says he'll throw some cash my way if I can squeeze them in.
I laughed because both guys were 6' 200# and one larger girl and 2 normal sized girls.

As I drive away collecting my fee I see another car pulled over at the Chevron.

As I'm stopped at the light I could hear the driver pulling the typical female crying clueless girl card. And the cop wasn't having it.

I got a few more pings in the same area and they immediately canceled.

I decided to get out of the area and as I'm passing the Chipotle I see them all piling in a Chevy Cruz.

Be smart and be careful out there.
Spring Break is around the corner and there's going to be all sorts of shenanigans going on.

Mista T

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I don't know about stings, but statistically speaking Portland is the market with the -most- driver audits taking place, by a landslide. It would not surprise me one bit if PBOT has partnered up with the PPD to do some stings this year.


There’s no sting without procedural forewarnings relative to the rule. The best way to encourage rideshare drivers to limit passengers=seatbelts is to have PBOT issue a single directive aimed at all stakeholders that highlights the rule breakers and the penalty. Come down hard on the keyboard and you never have to muster resources out on the street. Or at least you’re certain to see better results.

Where’s the big sting for wine moms that deposit their tweens in Ubers cuz, well, cuz?

Occam’s Razor, my dude.