Still waiting for Unemployment?


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My last ride was March 15th and I still am under review by WI Unemployment. Are there any drivers in the same situation? Are there any drivers that have gotten approved? Looking for hope out there!


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Welcome to the forum! I’m still waiting to hear back from unemployment. I stopped driving March 18th and applied for PUA on April 21st, which is when PUA people were able to start applying.

It was on the news recently that the backlog could be until Oct, but then this article below says a backlog til mid Aug-Oct. This is ridiculous! I’ve read about drivers other states getting approved and getting their unemployment checks already.



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Why did you stop driving? I don't even "need" the money, but I started doing Eats about a month ago, taking precautions like wipes/sanitizer and a mask. It's pretty low-risk compared to having a passenger in your car.