Still looking for more drivers! Earn an extra $0.25/mile and up to $100 day



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Hi everyone! Metropia is back to calibrate it's navigation behavior and your help is greatly appreciated!

Here’s the deal: We’re launching a new navigation app in the NY area soon, and although we’ve conducted a several rounds of successful testing we still need more miles logged on our app to make sure that our system is perfectly optimized.

What you’ll do: simply enter your destination address into our app before you start a trip and follow our route at least 50% of the time. It’s really that simple.We’ll log your miles and pay you $0.25/mile.

You can use the app whenever you please whether you have a paying client in the car or not—we just need to log more miles in the area to fine tune our data.

A couple of details on what trips we are looking for:

1. Minimum 15 min
2. Under 30 miles

Interested? Just answer a few quick questions and if you qualify we’ll be in touch shortly to help you get started

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Inshur New York