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Still gotta respect the Evil Empire, sometimes...

LA Dispatcher

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One of my pax caught on to the cancellation bump game. She got canceled at base rate after a couple of minutes and then had to reorder at 2.3x. Pax are complaining to Uber. That's why they are cracking down. Be very careful out there.


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You're not missing anything. it's a race to the bottom out here. it's like every other car I see out there is an Uber. I'm just going pay my immediate bills then sit out as much as possible.
Spoken like a true pro. It is just a waiting mental game. That's what most of these yahoo's don't understand.


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Lol, that's not an option. Lyft is a worse choice.

Getting 20% fees back. Just gotta do the 85 rides, 25 power hour rides and 90% acceptance.

If uber dropped me that's what I would do as quick as possible to see if it's feasible . Oh and tips at least .


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85/25 is pretty brutal, although a 24/7 1.28x boost is pretty useful

The big problem will often be the 25, not the 85 though

Mine is 65/20 (OC registration), I still end up farming shorties in LA when I don't wanna work crazy hours all freakin week

LA rates hurt unless its primetiming, though. LA tips suck supremely, might as well not exist at all, and bigger tippers always do cash anyway
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