Stickers (UBER) is happening

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Update your postal address for the new uber stickers guys. Not sure if its a small one dor the dromt wi5mdow or side ones for the doors.


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I got mine in the mail...
Looks like this as I asked for a blue one...


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Mine came in this morning
Received a message from Uber saying it would happen.
"From 1 November 2017, the NSW Government requires all rideshare driver-partners to display an Uber sticker on the rear driver windscreen of their vehicle while accepting trips through the Uber app."
I would suggest that they don't want it on your rear windscreen for the passengers. Expect a blitz from the police & RTA - stopping in taxi zone, bus zones, no stopping zones etc.
Time Uber put some effort into educating passengers re: legal pickup locations


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how is it in Byron.. can you do ok ? or is there lots of ants there too
I'm the wrong person to ask as i only do 8-10 hours weekly, friday-saturday arvo-evening.
A lot come down from the GC apparently. Festivals are good and holidays but i'm glad i'm not trying to make a living from it.