Stick a fork in ‘em, Lyft is DONE


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yes ol wise one. I'm very familiar with the agreements and changes of the agreements over the last 6 years. I didn't ask how long it has been going on. I asked how long HAD it been going on. Obviously when they went to the power zones their public API made it more obvious.

Wait, you can still see the Q at your Airport? Is that only on your black account?
In the Dallas market they are still showing it for all. For Dfw they don't show XL which I think is more a programming error.


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You can't see it in Atlanta anymore. Why did they have to change it?
No issues seeing the uber or lyft queue any time in DC.

And lyft’s problems are still happening on a Friday evening, prime time for making money in DC. Zero drivers on the map. My one uber rider today finally gave up on waiting for a lyft. And my one lyft rider waited AN HOUR until I got her ping and covered it. Pretty simple strategy here: get in a PPZ, slap on a filter to where you really wanna go, collect the easy money. And with all that, uber is still paying more which I guess explains the no drivers being available.


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Lyft was MIA for most of the night. One couple told me the whole night there were never any Lyft's available and before I picked them up with a 4.5x surge they said Lyft would "send an e-mail" when a driver was available.

Plenty of Uber drivers last night though. Instead of 4.0x rates all night long I had to settle for 2.5x to 3.0x most of the night! 😂


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I’ll only pick up a lyft ride if it’s on a filter to where I’m heading for the day or if there’s a juicy bonus attached, which was practically never up until just recently. Two weeks ago in DC lyft tossed out a $14 PER RIDE bonus practically begging drivers to come out, which I milked to the fullest. But I had lots of odd conversations with riders saying they had waited 30, 45 minutes, even up to an hour for a driver to show up. There were quite a few pings that got stacked right at the beginning of a 20-30 minute ride since I was the stacked ping’s only chance to ever catch a whiff of a driver being close their neighborhood...AND THEY ALL WAITED & WERE HAPPY THAT I SHOWED UP. Also had quite a few ~15minute pickups which NEVER happens in DC and I’d never typically accept, but worth doing with the $14 bonus attached.
This evening I pulled down $95 in six rides between 9pm-midnite on uber which had a 3for$11 streak offered. There’s also a decent ~$3/ride quest going so there were plenty of drivers out chasing it but also still enough business to go around. Three of my riders commented that they literally couldn’t get a lyft ride. I figured they really just didn’t want to wait so I tested it myself when I got home and got the below for around 15 minutes straight until I just gave up and cancelled. I never once actually got connected to a driver.
If this is how it’s really gonna be going forward, I don’t see lyft standing much of a chance to exist much longer. And how can they stay in business if they’re just gonna give away money like the bottom screenshot just so every ride request gets covered? How’s the lyft experience currently in your city?
Your $14 per ride bonus was a "Personally Tailored Bonus", some received the same, some received other amounts, more and less, even none at all. The AI was searching for the sweet spot in your area. Usually bonuses are planned out weeks in advance, based on expected demand and offered before the week begins. Sometimes the AI underestimates demand and available drivers, or just misses the mark with the bonuses offered to bring out the drivers, that is when the per ride offers are made. The AI seldom makes these miscalculations and will determine the cause, adjusting for that possibility in the future. The riders that actually received drivers normally would be those higher on the AI's list of frequent or more profitable riders, those not getting rides would be the dregs and least favored riders (low profit, poor ratings, previous problems or constant complainers, etc).


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Lyft missed a big opportunity by not developing a food delivery Can’t believe it’s that hard to develop and they have a fleet of drivers. This Covid isn’t ending until there’s a vaccine and it’s widely distributed which mess as nd the middle to end of 2021.


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No need to check the rider app. The airport queue is a accurate indication of how many drivers are on the road. With the unemployment cheddar gone, drivers are out in full force. I expect with the lack of demand and millions losing the unemployment bonus, all market will soon be saturated with drivers.

For the past few months, our airport queue has been sitting at 1-5 drivers and consistently surging. Pre COVID, this same queue would stack with 200-300 drivers consistently.

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True but the elderly retired drivers are gone for good. That segment of the driver pool is huge and should be respected when making predictions.


This elderly retired driver is getting ready to come back. I’m just waiting to see if CARES gets extended. I’ll be putting in a partition and I have a stock of K/N95 masks to sell to people before they get in the ODY.


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This elderly retired driver is getting ready to come back. I’m just waiting to see if CARES gets extended. I’ll be putting in a partition and I have a stock of K/N95 masks to sell to people before they get in the ODY.
LOL, Walmart is selling masks from China that say "N95" in quotes printed on the mask, that you can see through the packaging but does not say it on the packaging, it is just a disposable paper mask. People were buying them 10 packs at a time, fools.

Another Uber Driver

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Gryft must be desperate for drivers in my market, to-day. I have received fourfive texts in the last thirty-five minutes that inform me of Gryft's offering a twelve banana streak bonus to-day.

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