stealth, "pool fakeout-ping" trick (?)


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Recently while in the pit, I declined 2 consecutive Uber Pool ride pings within 10 seconds of each other, then I accepted an UberX ping about 20 seconds after that. While on the way to the terminal, Uber then added another rider, also to be at the same terminal . . . I thought, wtf, this ping was presented to me as UberX, not Pool.

Then, about 30 seconds after I saw that notification for a 2nd rider, I noticed they took the 2nd rider off of the pickup list. The pickup had morphed from originally being UberX when I accepted it in the pit, to an Express Pool ride. Original Pax who ordered the ride, later confirmed that they did indeed specify a pool ride, and that they too had noticed the subsequent addition and removal of the 2nd rider.
(I did "Stop New Requests", after I picked up Pax, and it actually turned out to be a worthwhile ride.)
. . . But, wtf . . . was this ping just a glitch, or, was this a stealth, pool "fakeout-ping" trick, to get more drivers to accept Pool rides(?).

Pardon my pool paranoia, but, . . . I'm wondering if this ever happened to anyone else?