stay off your phones



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Although I do believe in this law....Its ridiculous to use undercover officers for this crap. What a waste.

The article reads like a big pat on the back. "Truly impressive operation"....oh yea sure, must have took the cops a long time to put that mastermind of an operation together.... ? .....what on bunch of dopes

Andrew Dice Clay Two

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The first citation is a $50 fine and 1 point on a driver’s license. It goes up $50 and 1 point increments from there for each additional citation.

That's nothing

Syed Imran

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So even one tap is a ticket if police sees you?

@@@@in Uber gives pings in the middle of the ride it’s so dumb


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There was one I forgot which state. Where they were using big rig 18 wheeler to look down at distracted drivers and calling it in to get the summons. They said truckers are the last thing driver's expected who is undercover :eek: :confusion:
Was it not easy to run away from that big rig truck anyway? Imagine that truck chasing down a Corolla ???
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