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Starting with Uber

Discussion in 'Manchester, UK' started by Bim, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Bim


    Hi guys

    I am thinking of starting a part-time side business with uber, and wanted get an idea of starting cost.

    I live in the UK, Manchester, and uber is everywhere here.

    I will have to buy a car, 2010 reg. My current car is 2 seater. Budget is maximum £1,500.

    How much can I expect insurance cover for a new taxi driver to be?

    What other costs, including vehicle tax, MOT, license (excluding running cost) should I budget for?

    Are there any strict uber conditions I need to consider in purchasing a car, apart from the usual vehicle must be less than 10 years old?

    Thanks guys for your advice in advance.
  2. Rakos


    Tampa Bay

    you are outta your mind...

    If you think this is a business...

    That you should get into...

    Not a money making venture...

    After expenses you will be lucky to make...

    Average $10 to $12 per hour...

    Butt...thats here in the states...

    Maybe UK pays more...

    Good luck!

  3. JimKE


    I think you really need to ask these questions on the UK board closest to your home. Everything is so market-dependent: regulations, amount of business available, rates of pay, gas prices, taxes, cost of owning a car, etc, etc, etc. I'm afraid those of us over here in the Colonies can't be of much help.

    My one suggestion is that I would be very reluctant to purchase a car for what I intend to be a part-time side job. I'd take a microscopic look at the economics of that decision.
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  4. Uber Crack

    Uber Crack Author

    Definitely read London forums. I've seen all kinds of odd stuff there that we don't have States side
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  5. Spotscat


    Columbia, Missouri
    Stop for a second and please consider what you just said.,,

    If there is a Chinese restaurant and a Starbucks Coffee on every street corner, do you think it would be a good idea to open another one of these businesses?

    In my particular city, we've had major events every weekend for the last six weekends - students returning to university, NCAA football, weekend concerts in the park, and more. This will be the first weekend without an event scheduled - just a typical weekend night in CoMo.

    We've also had an influx of new drivers, as well as drivers from St. Louis and Kansas City come here, all expecting to make significant amounts of money. Unfortunately for me, I'll have to start my weekend shift an hour earlier and stay out later if I expect to make $200 tonight.

    I expect this will be a bloodbath weekend - too many drivers for too few rides, and we'll all suffer as a result. I also expect that there will be a number of drivers quit after this weekend, when they realize that there are too many dogs eating out of the same bowl and that the time and effort they put into driving Uber isn't worth the payout. It sucks, but this is what has to happen for the remaining drivers to survive - put bluntly, some must die so that others may live.

    I'm not telling you to not drive Uber, what I'm saying is be careful of the debt you incur in order to do so. I'd hate to see anyone bet their financial future on this job and not have it be a success.

    Best wishes! :)
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  6. Tom Harding

    Tom Harding

    NW Indiana, Chicago, ILL
    It looks like you need a vehicle that is 2010 or newer, a 4 door that seats 4 passengers, and will pass any appropriate inspection your government requires. In US dollars, your budget is about $1,800. Is that the down payment? If not forget it!!
    Uber is fine as a supplemental income, but for those that drive full time, it is very hard. Some days you might average $300 and other days you are lucky to make $100.
    I don't know what the fees are where you are at, but borrow or rent a vehicle first to find out what you can really make. Maybe a temporary lease, if one is available. I already had car and a job before I started with Uber, so I was able to test my market and find out what kind of income I could earn each week with a certain amount of certainty. Also make sure Uber in your community is going to be a stable, long term gig.
    For myself, after a year with Uber I bought an almost new (2015) Ford Transit Connect XLT for UberX and XL. I've been doing this for almost 2 1/2 years and it has worked out fine, although I'm still part time. I plan to go fill time in 2019.
    Good Luck.
    Find a blog about the ride share guy. He has some good information, no matter where you live

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