Start Uber Driver Email Campain to Florida Legislators

What do you want Florida TNC Bill to include that protects TNC drivers?

  • Mandate Im an Independent Contractor so I cant join class action lawsuits

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  • Do not include forced independent contractor status in TNC Bill

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  • TNC covers my APP ON PIP medical coverage

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  • TNC covers APP ON Collision even if I dont have it on my personal policy

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  • TNC contingent insurer if my personal policy denies APP OF Claim

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  • TNC cannot fire me for bad ratings not in my control

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Well, the Florida TNC bill didnt pass as we all know.

The real reason?

Senator Simmons said ex.
Uber insurance had to cover when a driver picked up a fare from Miami going to Palm Beach all the way until the driver returned to Miami. Its commercial time. Driver would not be on road if it wasnt for the Palm Beach Drop off.

Uber said no way in hell. If Miami driver drops in Palm Beach and turns app off its on the drivers personal insurance(even though insurers are non renewing Uber drivers)

No matter all the Senator bashing ads Uber paid for, truth is Simmons & Gardiner wanted to make sure Uber limits were high enough. With the lower limits Matt Gaetz HB 509 wanted the Uber driver could easily be sued personally for liability over and above the under insured low limits Matt Gaetz wanted to protect Uber yet throw drivers under the bus.

In the time before the next legislature session, I ask Florida Uber drivers to email Senators Simmons, Gardiner, and Negron & Brandes

And Reps Matt Gaetz,James Grant, and Avila.

Subject Line: "Dont Forget Uber Drivers"
and let them know what you want/need and dont want in A TNC bill

I cant post their email mail addresses here I dont think but I can message you or google search easy to find contact info. Please copy all the senators so both sides are put on the same page