Staples center


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What's the best drop off spot for staples center. Dodged a bullet dropping there yesterday in a bus zone. Chuck Hearn ave ?


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The couple of times I dropped off at Staples security just pointed me to the location, wasn't hard at all. I don't mind Staples Center, even picking up there, but Dodger Stadium and Rose Bowl a different story, will never pick up at either of those places, I don't even care if its 5x surge. Get stuck in one of those lines and passenger cancels on you after 30 minutes of you not moving an inch, NO WAY


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I just get into the valet of the luxe hotel on fig across the street and show them the staples with my finger. They get it and get out.
That sounds like a good spot! great I should try that. I also sometimes just drop off across the street from LIVE at the Car wash place.

How lazy do pax have to be to walk a little bit. for the most part, if I explain it half a mile in advance, they're usually ok with it.