Stalked By Her Lyft Driver!


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You know something is fishy...

about this article...

Said she did all this....

And filed in court...

And then at the end....

Stated he didnt know...

Her REAL name...???



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First and foremost, this guy has absolutely no business driving people around for ride share. After reading the entire article, I really got the sense that this guy has actual, undiagnosed (not mentioned in the article) mental problems. Delusional for starters. The guy needs professional help... not to have his face plastered all over FB and some crappy one-sided article. In fact, stupid stuff like this gives stalkers a chance to get back at the victim for stuff like defamation and libel. This girl (and the author) got this wrong on so many levels it is not even funny.

He asked if she was still taking a trip to Costa Rica. She must have mentioned this during the Lyft ride but was alarmed he remembered a detail like that three weeks later when he must have given hundreds of rides since then.
  • Remembering goofy details from riders does not make someone a stalker. I have a sharp memory and remember stupid and interesting stuff about riders, male and female, months later when I get them again. I never remember something simple and mundane like their names.

His questions continued, and in a matter of a few minutes, he knew where she was attending college, he confirmed that the house where he picked her up three weeks earlier was her home, and he knew how many roommates she had.
  • Umm... lie maybe? You work at a stupid bar job that makes you use an alias and social media and don't have go-to faux information at hand? I'm a ride share driver and have this for myself! She proceeds to answer all his personal questions, keeps serving him but gets him banned from the bar for being creepy. Only at the end of the night does she finally tell him he is making her uncomfortable to which he apologizes and leaves.

Before you file a stalker order against someone that has lasting and permanent (in OR) implications to someone's life, perhaps be the adult and clearly communicate something like: " I want you to stop communicating with me, coming to see me. I am not interested in having any type of relationship with you. If you continue to do this, I will file a stalker order against you". This was never done according to the article. The evidence against the creep was so flimsy, it is no wonder the court did not approve her order. If it had been handled properly, perhaps this guy could then have actually been forced to get the help he so desperately needs.

Rachel Montana said:
“I had this crazy stress dream,” she said, “where the dude came for me, no one was around, and he stabbed my arm into the wall, and I was like, OK. I’m going to let him rape me because then I will finally have hard evidence against him.”
One of the stupidest things I've ever read. Really. Sick and disgusting.