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St. Patrick's Day more Red than Green

Discussion in 'Surge' started by Driving and Driven, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Driving and Driven

    Driving and Driven Well-Known Member

    How did yours go?

    File Mar 11, 10 40 20 PM.jpeg
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  2. GrinsNgiggles

    GrinsNgiggles Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed all that red turning into "green" :D see what I did there

    I think I took the same exact screenshot haha


    And of course this. Mid day I hit a rut but dove into that red and non stop for 3 hours.

  3. steveK2016

    steveK2016 Well-Known Member

    Dallas / Fort Worth Texas
    Interesting to see different people's surge maps.

    The OP's have very odd shaped sections, while GrinsNgigglesGrinsNgiggles is more evenly shaped but not quite perfect.

    Here in Atlanta, ours is perfect hexigons.

    They even changed it recently and did something really stupid, they made the hexigons smaller, so when you zoomed in to see the actual surge multiplier, the numbers are so tightly packed that it looks like a hot mess, can barely even see the map behind it anymore.


    That isn't fromt Saint Patrick's day, just a screenshot I'd taken in the past.

    Saint Patrick's day had decent surges at the end of the day, but not much during the earlier hours. Last friday was much better. More than likely there was just too many drivers out for the holiday expecting a good payout. Good night still, but could have been better.
  4. RaleighUber440

    RaleighUber440 Active Member

    What's "Wait Time" in reference to? We don't have that here in Raleigh...
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  5. Gogoday

    Gogoday New Member

    What's the meaning of "1.7x 5-8 p.m",does the multiple now change by time?

  6. Shangsta

    Shangsta Well-Known Member

    That's is not surge. That is boost. Uber gets drivers to an area where they expect demand in which they charge pax the same but pay the driver slightly more.

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