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Sprint in hampton roads?


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Wandering who has sprint and what they think about the service with uber. Currently I am using Verizon and it is eating my data like a fat girl in a candy store, (no offense to the bigger girls out there). So if you have sprint and work the hampton road streets I would like to hear your thoughts about it.



I drive on the south side using ATT on an IPhone 5s. I use about .75Gb per month and I drive about 30 hrs per week. This phone is on it's own line and is only used for uber. Coverage is excellent nearly everywhere on the southside with a few spots in south VB that go 4G sporadically. Phone is paid for and added to my plan for only $15 a month.


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Unlimited Data on Sprint now. Plus you can get a 20% discount utilizing your uber benefits.


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I'm still grandfathered in with Verizon's unlimited 4g and I mean completely unlimited not that silly 1 or 2 gigs at 4g and the rest at 3g or slower. Got it back when they were installing the 4g upgrades a couple years ago while I was driving a truck and it was my primary data so I keep ignoring their offers to reup my plan.

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I use sprint and I have unlimited data so I couldn't tell you how much I eat up.....glad I don't have to track and worry about it.


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I use Verizon and while I'm aware they have data plans vice unlimited data, I have never had a problem with data or connection. I know I don't have the minimum or maximum GB package, somewhere in the middle.... And, my wife Uber drives on the same combined GB plan. I think that's the Verizon advantage, the whole red map reality. Or, Verizon has me believing they do have an advantage... I would love to switch to Sprint, etc and pay half of what I pay for Verizon but I am jaded from past no-service issues with AT&T and don't want to take the risk. Maybe if some real research/proof existed or more of you guys chimed in (positively), I would consider it.


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Id go with T-Mobile... much lower price... better service.. better speeds.. they also have a device you can plug into your computer port to track mileage and give wifi to your passengers!


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I use Consumer Cellular. I signed up through AARP for a 5 percent discount. It runs through AT&T. My phone, and wife's apple something or other phone, runs about $57 per month. I drive 25 to 30 hours a week. If i use more data than my plans allows, it automatically adjusts the plan, raises the price $10 for the month, and then i drop it back down when the month ends.

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