Splurging after instant pay


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I did....yesterday afternoon, I tried to buy a pizza but my card kept getting declined on their website. It makes sense driving for Uber that would happen. Turned out my bank called it suspicious activity....and they were right, I normally dont get mushrooms on my pizza but I had to splurge.

The detail on the starbucks chick is pretty good.....you must have had plenty of time between pings to draw all of that.

Jay Dean

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i instant pay all the time, just to not get deactivated, you seen the crap I post here, because I am a constant instant payer, I am in the safe zone LOL


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There is your problem right there....you are using Logic and trying to apply it to Uber. Dont.
Yeah but I don't know yet that the issue is an uber issue until he lets me know what exactly he means by stating that using instant pay puts him in the safe zone. I suspect he means that's desirable to uber and as such they'll keep him around, and that line of thinking I can understand, but he hasn't clarified yet.