Sos no more pool rides 1 dollar incentives


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I, too, share in your struggle. It's been a real head scratcher for me trying to formulate a new strategy that will allow me to make up for the extra $2 that I earned that one week in May where *twice* I accepted a second UberPOOL request.
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Jimmy Bernat

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haha I got the message in my app about a "BIG CHANGE TO UBER POOL" and thought to myself how can they make that train wreck any worse ?
That incentive was such a joke when their competition launched Line they offered $2 per Lyft Line Passenger , you didn't even have to get a match and at the time Lyft Line min rides were $5 so it was basically a $7 ride and they didn't take commission on the $2


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I've been always telling my riders don't ever take uberpool if you're in a hurry, and don't be mad if some complete random creep is sitting next to you

Jimmy Bernat

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I noticed I haven't been getting many pool request anymore. This week I took 75 rides probably over 120 requests and only got 2 pool request

Don Garden

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I don't know about everyone else, but pool is something I enjoy. The chemistry inside my car couldn't be replicated in a lab. Just the other day I had 2 pool riders making out at 8am on their way to work. It made me a little uncomfortable at first but seeing a server at Chili's on 16th Street Mall bond with an investment banker that way really struck a chord. It was almost surreal.