Sort of sad Uber story about my pax with 6 DUIs


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Had a pax, last ride of the night, pickup around Lincoln Ave and Austin Ave in Morton Grove, IL. Destination was a factory by O'Hare airport. Again, once I develop a solid rapport, I ask gently about their lives (if it seems that they wish to share). She seemed totally normal (affable, funny) and said she takes an Uber often. When I asked if she drives, she replied that she has gotten 6...yes 6...DUIs. But she is still driving! She cannot drive now because of an accident which totaled her car. It was by a bar, and she destroyed her car. The car was her brother's who let her use it (even though she had no driver's license). After the accident, she turned the corner and took off running by foot. She said it did NOT involve another car, so there was nobody around. The next day, the car was impounded and her brother took the blame and notified police. He said the car was totaled, and he had no phone or way to call the towing place, so he walked home. The pax (his sister), said she was drinking, so that is why she fled the accident scene.

She seemed to be in her mid to late forties, and said she developed a drinking problem as a teenager. And one after another, she got those DUIs. I wished to share this because this is probably the biggest number I had heard of. I have had a couple say that they got two DUIs, and after the 2nd they learned their lesson well. But she said her drinking issue was just so difficult, that the problem spanned decades. And naturally after the 2nd, she started to do some jail time. We both didn't think that a judge would ever let her get her license back. She said that once she gets a new car, she may continue to risk driving, but I advised her not to. Especially with her history, I am worried that if she is caught driving again (since she has no driver's license), it may mean instant jail time.

I hoped she took my advice. She had no kids or husband... She was quite nice and tipped me $5 in cash at the end, in part because I gave her a light for her cigarette that she desperately wanted to smoke before she started her shift. I remember the end of the ride was funny because I accidentally drove onto a lawn instead of the roundabout where her factory door entrance was, and she laughed so much and remarked that the security guard will likely tease her (and me her Uber driver), for making such a mistake (it was hard to distinguish the grass from the driveway at the time). Anyhow, I was shocked that my pax didn't learn after say the second DUI. I noted to myself that a lot of Uber rides at night are selected from drivers without licenses.

Six??!! Give me a break. She’s a clear danger to society. :frown:


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I am actually surprised that this selfish, irresponsible person is still alive. She should be kept in the prison for the rest of the life before she is given a chance to get any innocent people killed.

What makes human fall for alcohol? Alcohols of all kinds are probably the most horrible drink on this planet. Not only it is not sweet, it also produces a burning sensation. Personally I have 0 tolerance to heat and can become very grumpy under a hot environment. Do humans really enjoy the time when the whole body is "on fire"? In fact, I despise and feel shameful of the drunk me; behaving in a manner that is beyond my imagination.

Anyway, the woman does not deserve any sympathy. This is her decision to be an alcoholic. Her brother is equally guilty lending his car while knowing her outstanding DUI history. This kind of humans is hopeless. As someone else has said, it would be fun if she rear-ends a police vehicle one day.

@ColdRider What can I say about Toyota reliability ? Can you imagine a car with that level of damage can still be driven ?


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I know a guy who was a very successful government executive in DC. He's now retired. He didn't drive. Didn't own a car. Didn't even have a drivers license. I understood that "something had happened" in his past with driving and alcohol. But he never elaborated. He had a choice to give up alcohol or give up driving and he chose to give up driving for life. Very heavy drinker. I used to worry about him stumbling home. And boy, did he stumble. The classic drunk walk.


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When I was on ships I had 2 months off at a time and lots of money in the bank. When I wasn't traveling abroad I would hang at a local watering hole in the Dallas area.

One day I'm there about 2 p.m. with a large group of regulars. One of which was a chick that was most often half in the bag.

The subject of a recent tragedy came up. A few days before a young couple with 3 young children decided to visit relatives in Houston. They decide that the best way to handle the drive with 3 young children is to drive down very early in the morning so the kids will sleep the majority of the time. So that's what they do.

At ~ 3 a.m., an hour south of Dallas on I-45 they are hit head on by a drunk driver with no lights on traveling in the wrong lane. The entire family is killed and the drunk driver walks away.

As we're discussing this the 'chic' say's "Well, they had no business being on the road at 3 a.m. with young children. ( referring to the family.)

There's a stunned silence amongst the rest of us until someone asks "Are you serious?". And she responds "Yes". And she was serious.

This is what we're fighting against. People that can rationalize their actions while finding fault with others regardless of the facts.
I think you found the driver that walked away.