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Sorry but I can't read Mandarin script

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Road Pilot, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Another Uber first today

    I accepted a rider request while driving so I could not see the name until I was in the GPS screen

    The PAX entered her name in Mandarin script

    She was nice enough when I picked her up and spoke perfect English so I suggested with respect that she edit her Uber profile so Drivers who can not read Mandarin script can read her name

    One of the first things I learned before driving for Uber was to always verify the riders name before letting them into the vehicle

    I never do this but I do greet them by their name and feel somewhat reassured when they say my name

    This particular PAX never offered her name so I gave her four stars which is what I sometimes (depending on my mood) give riders who do not tip

    no tips today by the way, not even from the unfriendly jerk I picked up at his mc mansion for a ten dollar fare to his car dealership
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  2. mystysue


    san gabriel valley
    I picked up to guys in their 20's today and the name came in on my phone in a Chinese font /script.. so I never did get the name.
    One of the riders spoke some english the other one i'm not sure as he was only speaking to the other pax and only in some type of chinese.
    IM sure that these are the two that gave me a bad ranking.. (i believe 1 star) because I made them put on their seat belts. I would say 99 percent of my pax are great. I don't do late nights or the bar pickups . But these two were rude and jerks.. I was not impressed. What in the heck is wrong with people to get upset because you make them buckle up?
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  3. outrageous

    the ****e we have to put up with in our own space is inconceivable
  4. Fauxknight


    Columbus, OH
    I get this a lot from Asians going to school here, many of them use Uber at home as well. I can see where a permanent resident should probably have it spelled out in English, but not necessarily everyone.
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  5. Thanks for the response.

    Great point about Asians attending school in the US who use Uber in their home country. That said, it should be a matter of courtesy and common sense to make their name(s) readable to drivers in the country they are currently using this service in.

    Just saying
  6. DocT

    DocT Moderator

    Los Angeles (South Bay)
    I get that a LOT in the south bay area. Lots of Chinese nationals going to school here. They have their million dollar homes that the parents rent/purchase for the kids so they can study in the US. Have mandarin in their names so I have no idea who they are. Fares come back with the "US$xx.xx" amount. So I know they're using a foreign credit card. Never a tip from these kids. (FYI, "kids" are around 18-20 yo).
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  7. I've yet to receive a tip from Chinese Nationals or American suits for that matter.

    Anyone else bother asking passengers to make there names readable for the driver?

    Another pet peeve of mine is when PAX uses a letter for their name. I had one yesterday. Her name was M. At least I can pronounce the letter. ; p
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  8. Fuzzyelvis


    Greeting them by their name is not verifying it. Ask them their name. If they say something Chinese then ask them your name. Don't tell THEM anything.

    You can also ask them the destination and if they have entered it in the app. Ask them to do so if they haven't. When you start the trip it better be the same.
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  9. Great advise, especially the destination part. The verification process ensures you have the right PAX in your car. I can think of at least one incident when a PAX knocked on my window but I hadn't received a request. I suppose it would be possible for the wrong pax to get in the car at a designated and busy pick up location and not pay attention when I say their name. This could be a problem if the right PAX had not entered their destination.

    Looks like I will be paying more attention to the verification process going forward.

  10. Baby Cakes

    Baby Cakes

    I had a Russian PAX once, it briefly glitched out and made my enitre app read out directions and everything in russian.

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