Sooo slow

Dammit Mazzacane

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For consideration: People just came off of Labor Day weekend.

This weekend will pale to how active last weekend was. Not sure of any major events going on.

The Ghost of Travis

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Tonight sure did suck it big time, even the Lionel Ritchies went home early.

UW game Sat and NFL Sunday, surely there will be a ton of drunks out and about?


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Common sense. Was just a long holiday weekend where people were out and spending money. Just wait for the weekend after NYE :smiles:

Oh, you mean that two month weekend? That was a hard one. Above that... all the people with NY resolutions to stop drinking is brutal on the nifhtlife scene... till they go back on it finally and get the night economy pumping again.

No need for hump day after a three day weekend. Tonight might suck as well. We'll see.