Song recommendations for couples fighting


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This couple was fighting in my car because they missed their dinner reservations last night. He was blaming her because she took too long to get ready and she was blaming him because he was playing video games when she was ready to go. First world problems right!!! What song should I play in the car so I can annoy the crap out of them and entertainment myself at the same time. Youtube links would be great if you have suggestions. I'm thinking something like this


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Lol I had that song in mind but I'll need the radio version. Btw.. I have Google play music subscription that comes with youtube red, meaning I can play YT videos while the screen is off.
I pulled my original post, realizing it had the F-bomb all across the video window. And, I do not support or subscribe to what that video preaches....just thought it sorta apropos to this thread. :rolleyes: