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Sometimes The Tip Really Included...


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I wanted to wrote a followup to the post I made earlier about a waiter whom I introduced to instant Karma. I'm not a crusader for the cause. I'm just a fat guy trying to earn a buck.

This is the story of Veronica. She is a waitress at one of my local Denny's. On the particular evening I met Veronica and took her on a minimum fare ride to work. She didn't talk much, or bemoan her financial woes as a server at the ghetto Denny's. She worked hard and took the punches as they came, and they came often. Our ride ended, and we exchanged pleasantries. She asked if I would be her regular driver to work. Normally, I'd never agree to any arrangement that paid only the minimum, but seeing as she really was close to my home, I acquiesced.

One evening after dropping Veronica off at work, I decided to sign out and grab a cup of coffee. I wanted an opportunity to tip her nicely for the least amount of effort possible on her end. As I sipped my coffee I watched her serve her customers. She attempted to pay special attention to me, but I insisted that she take care of others. I also watched another of her colleagues busting her ass to appease a table of overly touchy creepy dudes.

As I said, I'm not out to make a statement. I'm not a crusader. There's just an awful lot of shit in the world, and I've had my fill of hit. I don't make a lot as an Uber/Lyft driver, but I do better than some. I tipped Veronica $20 for the coffee. I gave $20 her co-worker for refilling my water. And just so that they wouldn't think I was some creeper trying to seduce low wage waitresses with $20 bills, I bought the dinner of a single mom eating dinner with her daughter...her head in a textbook, studying to make a better life for her and her baby. I made Veronica promise not to tell where it came from.

I tell you all this not to draw any attention to myself, but to say that we can do a lot more than we think with the little we get. We can make the world a better place one tiny act of kindness at a time. I carry water in my car. Not for the pax, but for the homeless guys on the corner begging for change. Most of all y'all are decent people. We can be better human beings, not because of Uber, but INSPITE of Uber...


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Good for you, Rey. It's a shame that the corporate bigwigs at Uber treat their "partners" so badly. Most of us (the drivers) are just hardworking folks from all walks of life who are simply trying to earn a fair wage for a fair amount of work and the donation of our cars to them. I think we, the collective "partners", are a much better face for the company than those who actually call the shots and run the company.


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Truth is you only tipped that generously because you knew you'd see her again. I bet you don't tip $40 or even $20 for every coffee you drink.


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You are right. I don't tip like that all of the time. No way could I even afford that. I live paycheck to paycheck most weeks. There are precious few times when I pull my head out of my own backside to see the needs of others more than the needs of me and mine. On those rare occasions I am blessed to discover that I can make small differences here and there. The purpose of sharing the story was to confess that I don't spend the majority of my time shaming the service industry into treating their Uber drivers better.