Somebody help this poor old man


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Haaaaa.... a dually huh. What's the gas mileage on that? I was about make a thread about all the drivers I see with TNC signage & self portrait's on their doors. This guy's exhibit A, I suppose...


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I saw a Hummer H3 last nite and that bigass Ram, stupidity should hurt, btw gas was at $2.17 around 7pm at cosco
You have no idea why they are doing what they are doing. The H3 is most likely doing Select at $2.35/mile non surge. The Ram could be some fun social thing just to get out of the house and have something to do.


Today in the pig pen at SAN there was a wrangler rubicon with the full lift and extra big tires with the uber dress. Weird thing is that it had Tennessee plates. That's 16mpg of heartache right there. 30- 40 min wait time. No wonder he wasn't trolling.


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The struggle it's real, that truck payment is no joke, came to Lucha libre taco shop and a saw a girl doing food delivery on a Chevy Equinox, SMH