SoftBank, Dragoneer, Didi close to finalizing investment in Uber


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Thats a big one !!!

The round is significant, not only because of the deal size, but because the shares will likely be purchased at Uber’s last private valuation of nearly $70 billion. After months of public scrutiny and a formal investigation into the company’s culture, which led to many executive departures, including CEO Travis Kalanick, there has been widespread speculation that Uber’s valuation would be cut. Instead, this move doubles down on its existing value.

Bloomberg earlier reported that Uber could be lining up between $2 billion and $10 billion from these new investors. We’re hearing that the latest conversations involve numbers toward the top of that range, around $8 billion to $10 billion.

The investment is being led by Dragoneer, Didi and SoftBank — which now has about $100 billion to deploy from its Vision Fund — but General Atlantic is also expected to participate. A special-purpose vehicle is being formed to make the investment.


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i took didi car serivice 2 years ago in china. this didi owner/invester is worth more than uber over 50 billion 1 guy..he who threw uber out of china


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i dont really know, ..but imho, for rideshare i really think its dying for the drivers badly//avg driver is very low pay..low skilled at driving. and can be deactivated for any accident..take you and i, 20,000 trips combined...a cab hits us and we are out of a job..what if we have children ..mort. payments etc...this is why i dont like positive things for companys that will close u dont with 1 txt by a @@@@@@ed customer. or lying one...i am 100% i on board with being positive always...
its not about you and me..
its about the system. its flawed..if i needed to job to feed my family every week. it will be limo last. depending on my skill set..
i seen a all 666-6666 cabbie in center c 2 nights ago..his meter was $179.00 and climbing..and he did not come far like nyc..maybe a/c.
nt ryder i am not trying to be mean or a jerk, i am just being honest..180 days of change..what kinda notice did you get from uber regarding 5+ holiday days without xl..i get zip..and when u did not get quest at 10k trips . i felt for you as that sucks bigtime