so you hit the Pax with a 2* but you still get them again.


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Ok, so i was told if you hit a Pax with a 2* or below the program is not supposed to allow you two to be together again. Not true, its been a busy morning at my other job then i get a call and accept then on the way driving. So then I look at the phone and I see a familiar name and familiar address and as I'm going there I see the woman standing on the side of the corner so of course I canceled and I keep driving. So now this only proves that even if we hit the pax with the two star we still might get them again unbelievable


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I asked uber and they said there is no way to block a passenger from being paired with a driver again and vice versa.


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Uber would never stop a paying pax from getting the fastest ride possible... Uber is not "on the driver's side"