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So my brother has been telling pax "don't forget to tip!" When they get out.


He is completely done driving in a week, so isnt concerned about negative ratings over it. But he says that he has had no blowback over it, tips have gotten more frequent, and that most people think it's funny.

Maybe worth a shot?
Bold move, I want to do it but I'm scared
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I'm more subtle about it. If I'm engaged in a friendly conversation with the PAX, (and I usually am) I intuitively work the word TIP into the conversation when possible.

For example, say they're complaining about their pain from an injury or whatever and I'll say, "You want a great tip for how to get rid of pain?"
They always say Yes, and then after I give them the tip, later, when they see the word TIP again come up in their app I'm more likely to get a tip. Not sure if it's because I showed them a way to reduce pain (that always works) or because they heard the word tip and it's effecting them subliminally. I've definitely noticed an increase in tip likelihood from passengers where the word came up.
Damn ! that's next level. You are too smart/clever for this gig go work for Facebook or Hell maybe even the C.I.A
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You didn't have to.
How about now ... do you have to?


l put a pix of a 14 year old girl on my dashboard.
I never said anything about it, but pax would bring it up all the time.

I would tell them that my grand daughter, "Shannon" had kidney failure.
Yea, she got an e coli infection and it almost killed her, but she survived and it left her with kidney failure.
We are waiting for a donor.
In the meantime; she's having a tough time. Being puberty time, dealing with dialysis .. hard on her.

But, *sigh* I'm sure we will find a kidney for her.

"I drive a few times a week, and the deposits go directly to her dads checking account to pay for the things that insurance doesn't pay for."
It'd make it a point to tell them that if I'm lucky ... IF I'm lucky - tips pay for the gas. But that it doesn't matter cause I'd do it anyway.

It would almost always result in a big tip "because you're such a good grandpa".
Hope you don't get what you're wishing for!
I never ask for Tips, I work for them. How? by being different... example, Halloween is coming up, put some cool orange LED lighting, put some spider webs or whatever and set the mood for the current season. People love it and they tip! just be different!
Do you think PAX will tip me for dressing up as a clown to pick them up? I can add blood to the Windows and tell then about my last PAX who 1* me...