So much for "180 days of change"


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Back to 2 driver destinations and zero area preferences.
Different head, same company.
I should've known better.
They should’ve reduced it to 3 or 4 a day instead of 2. At least try to make it seem they trying to improve things for drivers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they rolled back all the stuff they implemented. They emailed a few days ago saying to look forward next month for exciting focus on drivers earnings. I’m going to bet they will increase rates by 2 cents and a buck higher on booking fee.

New Uber

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My thoughts exactly. Uber does not work in Orlando!!!!! Uber works great in Miami!!! Orlando is too expanse!!!! I already told them my 2 cents. I already learned the hard way that those $3.00 rides don't pay the bills!!!!! I put in 4 applications for a regular job.


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Add to that the ratings changes. Drivers can’t change pax rating anymore and to leave pax less than 5 requires a reason.