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So If Hurricane Florence Hits Like the Cone Says It May, When Does Uber Shut Down


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I have read Uber will shut down markets that are in hurricane zones and post-hurricane periods. Does anyone know when Uber makes the call?



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Hi there. When Irma came to south Florida last year, they shut down when the warnings went up. Also remember that when the hurricane goes by, there will be no cell phone services for a while. Just take care and be careful. This is a big one. May God protect yall from this powerful storm. I have been though a few here in south Florida even in 92 with Andrew.

Forget about uber and hunker down or get away as far from it.

Be safe!!!!


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Now please when this settles down...

Will the drivers in Willmington...I assume NC...

please let us know your OK....

and don't forget to inflate....

Your water wings....

Oh...and Good Luck....8>)

10 to 1 Uber won't do that....

It needs to be more likable...8>)

almost human....!?

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