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So far so good

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Cableguynoe, May 18, 2018.

  1. I hadn't driven in almost 2 weeks so I wasn't sure if the whole tip and rate during the ride thing had even started.

    I do a nice long trip to SF airport this morning. Pax slept the whole way until I woke her up to ask what terminal.

    As I'm unloading her luggage she tells me she tipped me in the app. I thank her but I'm thinking BS.
    1. I haven't ended ride. 2. You've only been awake for 2 minutes. And 3. It's probably not even active yet.

    I end ride and sure enough she was telling the truth

    Tip, badge and comment.
    I got the works!

    I'm sure this won't be the norm, but liking it so far.

    Otherwise maybe rushing to make her flight she forgets to tip.
  2. Tips up front!!!:D
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  3. backcountryrez


    Tips up front, BS in the back.

    Good job, CableguynoeCableguynoe
  4. Ribak


    Well done....and it looks like you had DF on. “This trip was towards your destination.”

    I wish you continued success and safe driving.
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  5. Is the new rider app stuff out everywhere or just in certain markets?
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  6. 60.3 miles in 58 minutes in SF
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  7. That would never happen in SF.

    It was on the way to SF. And airport is outside the city.
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  8. jgiun1


    Really good trip
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