So done with it!!


Just tired of the bottles of juice and Gatorade that I know possibly mixed with alcohol. Yeah I'm so done. I don't even try to listen. See, because I know that they're going to argue with me the entire time I'm asking them to chug or put it out. Or if I just simply say hey that's an empty container that you just finished chugging please go ahead and throw it out. It's constant disrespect constant they don't want to get out the car and throw it in the garbage. I'm just done with it. CancelRide!

Dennis Reinhart

I have a small Frigidaire in the back of my town car and it has sodas and bottled water now if affair gets in the car and it's a plastic cup or a juice bottle whom I don't know what's in it as long as they're not drunk and belligerent I'm not going tell him to forward out I think that's just the way that piss him off but I will not allow you to get in my vehicle with an open beer bottling or open beer can I think you have to use a little common sense here when you're dealing with the public that's my opinion I respect yours I hope you respect mine