So About Last Night...


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While some of you continue to entertain the Blunder from Down Under and his fantasy sex tales, and lure more NYers 'curious' about our daily earnings... I'd like to share my observations of the solid, steady surge that took place in Hoboken/JC last night and early this morning.


The weather was warm, summer beach house residents were back up north, college kids were blowing off steam after 2 full weeks of school, the Canelo vs. GGG fight was on, and maybe just MAYBE Uber Xmas came early by really banning TLCs from doing point-to-point in NJ. What really caught my attention was the inconsiderable amount of TLC ants out here on a Saturday night. Cheap, drunk pax were strewn all about..stranded..waiting out the surge well into the morning hours. I had a great night, and hope it's a sign of good things to come.



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Last night was surge galore too bad i was not in the mood past 2 $50 long trips n 3 trips in the hood. by 2AM ive had enough n dead headed from paramus back to bloomfield :frown: plus my last ride was 2 frat boys that kept "hitting" on me AFTER i told them i was taken. lordt let better Surge days be ahead of us