Smh t78



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T78 rear ended in soho a box truck, it’s a Hyundai too

i see you but you dont

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From t76 to t80 are the most dangerous drivers they think driving tlc is like driving a regular car.. like this little punk the other day i try to merge to my left to get into mcguinnes blvd he was way behind me i put on my left turn signal and he decided to speed up trying no to let me go! but of course i did merge and he honk at me like if i did it on purpose i break checked on him he speed up to my right and of course he was a t76 little punk ass @@@@@.. the he asked me Do you wanna loose you TLC license? im like sure IDGAF MF you gotta be a @@@@@ to go and report another driver MF! he thinks like reporting me is gonna help him ??
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