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Smaller QUE at FLL but it goes much slower


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so about a week now FLL has had a lower QUE highest I have seen is about 108, new normal is about 65. But two weeks ago 108 would go down super fast compare to smaller QUE now.

Also how many times it was at 180 or 200.

It's like the number doesn't reflex a real count of cars waiting.


Went up to 240 today pretty quick, probably because it was slow everywhere else so people got frustrated and decided to go for the guaranteed trip. The airport queue has gone down at the regular speed this week from what I normally see, it is just different depending on which day it is. With snowbirds coming back there are a lot more early morning flights and less afternoon flights coming in from the northeast. Check flightview dot com and look at the updated arrivals schedule.
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