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Hey guys,
I recently moved from Los Angeles to Sacramento and I'm surprised on how slow it is compare to Los Angeles, so my question guy is it just super slow to almost don't get any call or I have problem with my account. Also, I called Uber support to check my account and they told me it is 100% working. Thank you


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Since the new screen showing details came out, alot of dormant drivers are out now. Sacramento is always slow but this is even worse due to more drivers driving because of the new updates.

I see about 70 cars sometimes at the Airport now. I usually only saw about 35 to 45. I also noticed that UBER is charging riders more for rides now. My usual trip usto cost me about 14, now it is 19. Surge is shitty because it disappears and poof gone. A 3.0x from Davis to Downtown Sac is like 75 bucks. No one orders rides while It is surging unless they are going a few blocks of less than 3 miles. Just ride the wave or go drive in SF.

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What I have learned in a week of this new normal is to not worry about the surge. If I land one, great. If a unicorn shows itself, awesome. You have to know your areas and the times of day the demand exists. Its not just trolling J St or deadheading to the airport.
I grossed $130 in 5 hours today. I’d rather gross $30/ on app hour but I’ll take $26. This isn’t LA and it’s not SF. There isn’t just nonstop demand.


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Dry January, aka slow season. Many people are still broke from Christmas and New Year's, and won't get paid until the end of the month. Plus, many people not requesting Uber surge rides especially after Kings games.
Turned on my app while Kings game went from 1.5x to 3.4x and only 1 ride request for 4 dollars..... lol. Surge is a losing game now. I was in my work office with app on.


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Moved here from San Diego 1.5 years ago so I know How you feel not making as much money as before. Demand in sac is not as consistent as it is the other three major cities located along the coast, and this time of year is particularly bad because of holiday slow down, and the fact that Sac State University is out to the 21st which provides a lot more consistency in ridership. There is still money to be made out there, but unless you are experienced in the city it is a hard road trying to make money unlike the bay which anyone can just turn on the app and boom it’s $$$ time. What I’ve learned is that Sac is a 9-5 M-Th city. Your best money times will be from 7 - 10am and 2 to 7 pm on those days. Fri and Sat are free for all days where demand is fairly consistent and if you know where to be can be good money makers. Sunday’s can be great and or terrible you never really know.

My suggestion would be to not only drive in Sac, but also in the bay. The bay can be a good way to make money quick although much more stressful not only on your health, but on your car because of the crap roads. Sac on the other hand tends to be less money but easier on health and car, and has many hidden gem days which can net you more money with less stress and time than the Bay Area, but they only happen a few times a year.