Slow Summer July 15-17 Weekend


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Diamondbacks 6:40 to 11 Friday - Chase Field
Diamondbacks 5 to 9 Saturday - Chase Field
Pitbull concert 7 to 10 Sunday - Talking Stick
Arizona Rattlers 6:30 to 9:30 Monday - Talking Stick Arena
Diamondbacks 6:40 to 10 - Tuesday Chase Field


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I'm at -$37 thanks to last week's fuel card. I've done $12 this week. I need to be at +$450 and I'm taking Saturday off that leaves Friday night and Sunday. I've also only done three rides this week. I'm waiting for a will-be no shoe in central to make it -33


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Today was dismal.
Glad to hear it wasnt only me. Today was mostly a complete waste, only 6 rides in about 5 hours. I really hope Fri-Sun pick up good.

After going almost 1.5 hrs with no requests finally get one more and after waiting five minutes at location get a txt that says "So sorry thought I canceled it. I dont really know how to use Uber and I dont need it anymore." Thankfully I was only a few miles from home because that was the end of my sh**ty day/night.


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Yup, going down Scottsdale Rd. Look over to my left, a Goober driver, look in the rear view mirror, another Goober quickly approaching on the right. You can't escape these dummies.

Wednesday logged on for 5hrs. 4 rides $14.34 after they hit me with the fuel charges.

Yesterday wasn't to bad. 12 rides $90 and change.