Slow Monday


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This was my final total for the day. I just don't understand what's going on!!!

I emailed uber support to see what the deal is. If anyone has any insight, let me know. I've had 5 or 6 days like this.



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That's why it's slow for you. You're doing all the common areas. Stay off the main roads and navigate to the smaller areas where there are less drivers. Use the passenger app to see how many drivers are around you. It's not perfect, but obviously if you see a gaggle of them at the intersection near you, you're probably in the wrong place. Find your "honey hole" where you can pick up rides.


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Or if you've done that and had no luck... You have bad karma. To solve this, go pick up a passenger and drop them at their destination and have uber refund their fare. Then you will have good karma and will get more pings :p


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Did anyone notice an unusually high volume of uberPOOL requests on Monday evening? Half of my accepted pings were pool and I ignored another handful or so Pool pings. Last week it was about one pool request out of 20 for me.