Slow day turning into a slow night


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I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat. With summer winding down and the kids starting to go back to school my Uber time is going to be minimal after this weekend. Haven't really done much week night working but this has been about as slow as it gets for me today.


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I had a decent night on Tuesday, but then last night I got short/min fares one after the other and decided to bail earlier than planned. Guess it's just hit-or-miss sometimes, but I do think school getting back in swing might slow things down for a little while. Except around the University/Colleges, but those rides aren't exactly known to be the best for the most part.

I'll take tonight off and prepare for the weekend.


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Well my plan was to finish the weekend with a bang but it's slower then dirt despite what that map is saying. Unless something pops quick I can really see a decline in business for a lot of drivers, myself included